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Arnold Motor Supply has 19 Machine and Rebuilding shops located right in-store to serve you. In addition we have a full service machine shop at our Midwest Cylinder Head and Machine facility in Nevada, IA. From grinding a crank, to surfacing heads or a complete motor rebuild, Arnold Motor Supply is your direct connection to Machine Shop satisfaction! To locate the machine shop nearest you, go to the Store Locator in the top menu and choose your location. Look for the Machine Shop Logo to identify which locations have an in-store machine shop.

The machine shops at Arnold Motor Supply can do the following and much more.

Drive Line & Chassis Operations
  • Brake drums and rotor re-machined
  • Drive shafts balanced, repaired or newly fabricated
  • Axle and wheel bearings pressed
Surface Grinding Operations
  • Cylinder blocks, Cylinder heads, intakes and exhaust manifolds, flywheels, and many specialty items
Cylinder Head Operations
  • Complete valve jobs from small one cylinder engines to large industrial engines
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Pressure testing
  • Valve guides and valve seats installed
  • Rocker arms resurfaced
  • Valve springs tested
  • Diesel injector tubes installed
  • Cylinder heads welded-cast iron or aluminum
Cylinder Block Operations
  • Cylinder blocks rebored and honed
  • Cylinder block repair sleeves installed
  • Main bearing bores align honed or align bored
  • Camshaft bearings installed
  • Cylinder blocks welded- cast iron or aluminum
Crankshaft Operations
  • Crankshafts reground and polished
  • Crankshafts magnafluxed
  • Crankshafts submerge arc welded
Connecting Rod Operations
  • Connecting rod bearing bores reconditioned
  • Pin bushings replaced, honed, or bored-establish center to center distance
  • Connecting rods magnafluxed
  • Press fit rods and pistons assembled
Camshaft Operations
  • Camshafts reground
  • Valve lifters reground
Cleaning Operations
  • Hot tank cleaning
  • Jet spray cleaning
  • Heat cleaning oven and shot blasting
  • Glass bead blast cleaning
  • Engine rotating assembly components
  • Combine chopper assemblies
  • Pulleys, sheeves, flywheels, dryer fans, etc.
Additional Services
  • Engine assembly
  • Miscellaneous press work
  • Spindle bushing installed and fit
  • Shafts Straightened
  • Broken bolts removed
  • Helicoil installed
Please inquire about other services offered.
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