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Arnold Motor SupplyE.P. Arnold, who saw a future in the automobile parts industry, started Arnold Motor Supply in 1927. As he watched the popularity of the automobile increase, he knew that replacement parts would be needed.

Although he did not know much about automobiles, Mr. Arnold built a box for the back of a 1927 Chevrolet, and some mechanic friends helped him select about $65 worth of parts that garages would need. He tacked up a price list and traveled town to town in Northwest Iowa. Thus, with $300 savings and a $200 loan, our company was born. In 1929, Mr. Arnold expanded the operation by purchasing a piston grinder. There are now 22 fully equipped machine shops and an aluminum head and engine rebuilding...Read More...

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Genuine Foreign Nameplate line Beck/Arnley Added to Product Selection
The Arnold Group of Companies is proud to announce that they have added Genuine Foreign Nameplate line, Beck/Arnley to the product offerings.  Beck/Arnley is exclusively dedicated to servicing customers who maintain and repair foreign nameplate vehicles.  The Beck/Arnley® brand is a leading specialty supplier of premium, quality import parts for cars, light trucks and SUVs. They are committed to meeting our promise to provide…Read More...

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